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    JBossWS on jboss.labs

    Thomas Diesler Master

      I am working with Damon to move JBossWS over to labs. We will get our own svn repository (path yet unknown) for sources and docs

      My current plan is to take the jbossws-1.0.0.CR6 snapshot and import it to svn. This does not move the cvs history before that release over to svn. Sources in cvs will be deleted (moved to the attic) and be available for read only access via


      I would prefer to have a clean start in svn without the tons of legacy cvs commits that include jboss-ws4ee.

      Also, I looked at maven as our future build tool. After playing with it for a while I cannot see how it would make our life easier and therefore suggest we stick with Ant but adopt the standard maven project layout

       |_ src
       |_ main
       | |_ java
       | |_ resources
       |_ test
       |_ java
       |_ resources

      Comments welcome.