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    WS-Addressing working draft for interoperability


      The old WS-Addressing (working draft) support is a requirement for WS-AtomicTransaction. Of course a WS-AtomicTransaction could be implemented based on the new WS-Addressing (candidate recommendation) spec, but that would affect interoperability. For instance, IBM WS-Tx interop endpoints (http://wsi.alphaworks.ibm.com:8080/interop/index.html) still use old WS-Addressing headers (as any other WS-AtomicTransaction implementation will).

      As far as I'm concerned, the JAX-WSA doesn't consider WS-Addressing versions prior to the candidate recomendation. The JAX-WSA spec is concerned about multiple WS-Addressing versions, as stated in section 2.0, "Goals":

      "3. The programming model should be almost transparent to the version of the WS-Addressing specification chosen. For example, at most a property to a factory class should identify the version of the specification."

      But due to changes in the WS-Addressing spec, the JAX-WS 2.0 addressing API doesn't fit for the old WS-Addressing draft (for example, the abstract properties of a EndpointReference changed). So, my doubts are:

      1. Is WS-Addressing working draft support an interesting feature for JBossWS? If other specs than WS-AtomicTransaction relies on it, I think that maybe the support will be good (at least for interoperability reasons).

      2. If yes, any suggestions on how to go about it?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Within the scope of JBoss Transactions, we will need to support the 2004/08 version of WS-Addressing for some time to come. As you say, even when the TC (which we are actively involved with) updates the specifications to use the new spec (which will happen in the next few days), existing implementations such as those from IBM and Microsoft, will not change so quickly and interoperability with them is important. I'll leave it to Thomas to speak on behalf of JBossWS, but certainly JBoss Transactions will support both versions of the WS-Addressing specifications.