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    JBossWS Q2/2006 objectives

    Thomas Diesler Master

      For further discussion here the JBossWS road map for Q2/2006 and beyond.

      1. Integration with Microcontainer

      JBossWS should be decoupled from JBossAS. There should be an integration layer (deployer, invoker, etc) and the actual soap core engine that can run in arbitary container environments

      2. Simplify client side dev model

      Currently obtaining a reference to a web service proxy is too complex.
      Add support for @WebServiceRef, etc

      3. Complete MTOM support

      Currently we only support MTOM/XOP for RPC/Literal parameters. Add support for soap headers, rpc returns, document payloads, individual bean properties

      4. JAXWS + JAXB support

      Get started with the JAXWS API and integrate the JAXB RI as marshalling/unmarshalling layer.

      5. Complete WS-Policy

      Add support for compact expressions, policy intersection, etc.
      Verify compatiblity with the latest WS-Policy plugfest endpoints.

      6. WS-Addressing public endpoints

      Provide public endpoints for the latest WS-Addressing pugfest.

      7. WSTools support for JAXWS

      Stay in sync with the JAXWS effort. There should be no need to fall back to JWSDP tools.

      8. Productize BPEL

      Provide a chapter on BPEL in the user-guide and some smple code in the standalone samples.