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    jbossws subversion layout

    Thomas Diesler Master

      In subversion we have

      |_ tags
      | |_ jbossws-1.0.0.GA
      |_ branches
      | |_ jbossws-1.0
      |_ trunk

      All work for jbossws-1.0.x should happen in the jbossws-1.0 branch. Tests will be added there and should be kept in sync with the testsuite in trunk. The trunk testsuite will hence be a superset of the branch testsuite.

      New development (i.e. JAXWS) should happen in trunk. We discuss individually what features will be merged backed to jbossws-1.0.x

      No more webservice tests should be added to the jboss testsuite. This is the testsuite that runs both with jboss-ws4ee and the jbossws binary drop. We consolidate the jboss testsuite with the jbossws testsuite when we delete jboss-ws4ee from CVS (jboss-4.0.5)