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    JAXRPC / JAXWS terminology

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Jason sais:

      In order to avoid confusion, I think it is important that we stop
      referring to JAX-RPC deployments as "JSR-109 deployments". It's not
      really correct since JSR-109 governs EE integration for both JAX-WS and
      JAX-RPC. Instead, we should just call them "JAX-RPC deployments"

      Also, I think it is important that we make a clear distinction between
      JAX-WS and JSR-181. We should refer to the annotated endpoints that are
      in JBossWS 2.0.x as "JAX-WS endpoints", and only use the term "JSR-181
      endpoints" to refer to the old JAX-RPC based preview technology that was
      in 1.0.x.

      So these two changes leave us with the following deployment types

      JAX-WS - 2.0.x
      JSR-181 - 1.0.x only
      JAX-RPC - 1.0.x and 2.0.x

      This usage of terminology should be consistent in both our code and

      As part of my work in JBCTS-414 and the eventual SPI, I have refactored
      the metadata builders. This also included renaming them to match this
      terminology change. I also have split them into separate packages so
      that each deployment type can eventually be pluggable.