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    Error in mapping at run-time.

    Ian Orford Newbie

      I'm working on a project that's using JBoss 4.0.3. This version does not come with "wstools". The documentation talks about using JWSDP's "wscompile", but that gave me some exceptions (no public constructors on some of the enum-type classes), so I'm using "wstools" from an installation of the latest JBoss and WS addon.

      So, I've got my soap definition xml file and have used wstools to generate my wsdl and my mapping xml files.

      I've added the dummy servlet definition to web.xml and have also created the webservices.xml file that refers to my mapping file.

      The server now exposes the wsdl under ?wsdl which is good. I've imported this into VS.NET and am trying to call the method. I get a mapping exception. I had to use "document" style SOAP rather than "rpc" because VS2003 could not understand the WSDL when I tried "rpc".

      So I'm trying to work out what's happening with my mapping. Note that the file is not called "jaxrpc-mapping.xml", I've prefixed it with something else, but I've checked that it's in WEB-INF and my WEB-INF\webservices.xml file refers to the correctly named mapping file.

      Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.