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    Migrating the eventing codebase to JAX-WS

    Heiko Braun Master

      Our eventing impl. ships with prebuild endpoint implementations. Currently it uses JAXRPC deployments. We are facing a requirement to upgrade the associated WS-Addressing schema to the latest version, which would break the eventing impl. because JBossXB still lacks full wildcard support.

      IMO Investing more time in the old binding layer is a waste of time, so i am planning to migrate the eventing codebase to leverage JAX-WS deployments beginning with JBossWS 1.2.0.

      This means that old JAXRPC deployments would'nt work anymore and need to be migrated as well. But since JAX-WS simplifies things a lot i don't see a big problem with that.

      Any thoughts? Alessio? Stefano?