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    doclit request message element not equal to operation name

    Thomas Diesler Master

      I have

       <schema ...>
       <complexType name="paraListType">
       <element name="username" type="string" nillable="true"/>
       <element name="password" type="string" nillable="true"/>
       <element name="operationName" type="string" nillable="true"/>
       <element name="inputXML" type="string" nillable="true"/>
       <complexType name="responseType">
       <element name="result" type="string" nillable="true"/>
       <element name="paraList2" type="tns:paraListType"/>
       <element name="responseXML" type="tns:responseType"/>
       <message name="attachRequest">
       <part name="parameters" element="ns2:paraList2"/>
       <part name="attachmentContents" type="xsd:string"/>
       <message name="attachResponse">
       <part name="result" element="ns2:responseXML"/>
       <portType name="TransmulatorInterface">
       <operation name="invokeAttach">
       <input message="tns:attachRequest"/>
       <output message="tns:attachResponse"/>

      When running tools I get

      Exception in thread "main" org.jboss.ws.WSException: Unable to unwrap parameters, wrapper element name must match operation name. operationName=invokeAttach elementName=paraList2
       at org.jboss.ws.tools.WSDLToJava.appendParameters(WSDLToJava.java:421)
       at org.jboss.ws.tools.WSDLToJava.appendDocParameters(WSDLToJava.java:387)

      Do we have a reference to the relevant part in a spec?

      Generally, we please document (read MUST) why we make assertions like this. A future version of the spec might invalidate the assertion.