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    Stefano Maestri Expert

      Hi folks,
      I'm looking at JBWS-1678,to implement redirect the message dump logging of sunri to jboss standard logging. I'm trying to use a specific logName, so we can intercept this kind of log with a specific log4j category.
      The problem is that sunri use brutal System.out calls to log the soap message.
      I think we have more than one way to implement this feature:

      Redirect all System.out to log4jPlugin of a logger named something like "SUNRI DUMP". This redirect would take place in RequestHandlerImpl, just before delegate to sunri, and original System.out replaced at the end of delegation. Of course this approach have a lot of problem since it redirect ALL System.out, also ones eventually placed in webservice implementation class.

      Copy some classes from SUNRI in wsf.stack.sunri and redefine method dump(). The problem here is that these class (2/3) aren't extendable since they are final. But they are an important peace of the core of sunri containing a large part of the logic of http interface. I think it could be a problem to have to maintain this classes every time sunri release updates. These classes is at least ServletConnectionImpl, ServletAdapter, and (maybe I have to check better) HttpAdapter.

      Decorate the dump method (in HttpAdapter) with aop. Since it have to be decorated runtime, using sunri as jar lib, it could become a performance problem.

      Sincerely no one of these solution seems good to us. Alternative ideas?

      Thanks for your time