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    JBossWS 2.1 embedded?

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Jonathan says:

      I'm giving some thought to the design of our functional test
      suite for JBossTS XTS i.e. Web services transactions. I'd
      like to follow the same model as we use for JBossTS JTS,
      where each test runs in its own JVMs. That means a lot of
      starting and stopping containers!

      I've been experimenting with Jetty, which has a ~5second
      startup time for XTS, against 45-60seconds when running XTS
      inside JBossAS.

      Which brings me to the question... to what extent will
      JBossWS 2.1 rely on JBossAS? Can it be run under any servlet
      container, or does it need AS specific services? How about
      using JBoss Embedded? I know AXIS will run happily in Jetty,
      but I've not tried CFX or Metro.