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    Project structure for jbossws-2.1.0

    Thomas Diesler Master


      now that jbossws-2.0.0.GA is out it is time to think about a project structure that gives independent lifecycle to the individual integration projects. The SPI, the container integration layers and the stack integration layers all have independent lifecycle.

      It should for example be possible to deploy jbossws-2.0.0.GA in jbossas-5.0.x, by updating the jboss50 container integration to the new deployer archtecture.

      The SVN layout I propose is

       + container-jboss40
       + container-jboss42
       + container-jboss50
       + stack-native
       + stack-metro
       + stack-cxf
       + spi
       + testsuite

      Each of the above will have trunk, branches, tags.

      Projects will have binary dependencies only. For example stack-native and container-jboss50 will have a binary dependency on spi.

      jbossws/trunk will be removed, jbossws/branches and jbossws/tags will be moved to old.releases