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    BASIC auth and WS-Security

    Thomas Diesler Master

      It seems that we use the standard jaxrpc/jaxws properties as WSSE username token

       if (opConfig.getUsername() != null)
       Object user = ctx.get(Stub.USERNAME_PROPERTY);
       Object pass = ctx.get(Stub.PASSWORD_PROPERTY);
       if (user == null && pass == null)
       user = ctx.get(BindingProvider.USERNAME_PROPERTY);
       pass = ctx.get(BindingProvider.PASSWORD_PROPERTY);
       if (user != null && pass != null)
       operations.add(new OperationDescription<EncodingOperation>(SendUsernameOperation.class, null, user.toString(), pass.toString(), null));

      The side effect is that the wsse username token will always be sent via BASIC auth.

      Is this by design? I thought the wsse username token is independent of transport security.