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    Thoughts about productivity

    Alessio Soldano Master

      Thanks to years of work the JBossWS project is mature enought to compare with the major webservice stacks all around.
      Constant development is required to implement WS-* standards, to support the integration within the JBoss enterprise products and so on.
      Moreover webservices should play a major part in the Service Oriented Architecture we're trasforming the customers' business to.
      For this reasons, apart from continuosly developing and enhancing our implementation and the integration layers we actually provide, it's time to reflect upon the real JBossWS users' needings, in terms of their productivity. Are they making the most of our project? what they miss in order to do that?
      Considering the whole webservice technology is not so trivial, our efforts should go in the direction of helping users through a product that easily address their issues, saving their time. We are required to supply customers with reliable solutions that can nevertheless be easily achieved and finally brought to a production environment.

      In short: what should we do to make the whole ws experience easier?

      I'm currently thinking about how this is going to be obtained; for sure, considering our target, we are going to base our productivity strategy on the real world lifecycle of a webservice application. This way we should cope with most of the issues ws users have to deal with, from the technology choices before the implementation, to the testing and all the issues concerning the productization of a service / service client.
      This means that we plan to organize our productivity efforts into five level ("WS Culture", "Start from scratch", "Development", "Transition / staging" and "Production"). Each of them is going to require different actions, including documentation improvement, creation of new tools, more and better samples and most probably some IDE integration efforts.

      I'll start one thread on this forum for each level, explaining what we think could be useful to do.
      Since there are going to be some days between this brainstorming phase and the actual definition of work, every comment, thought, etc from the community and from related projects' team on every thread could be useful.