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    Using the namespace in @WebFault

    Vesselin Kirov Newbie

      It seems that even the latest version of 2.0.1 I downloaded from SVN still is not using the namespace information in the WebFault annotation to define the namespace of the XmlType that is put into the schema part of the WSDL for a fault. The service namespace is used instead. By looking at the code it seems this is not a bug but rather is done on purpose. However, there are cases when one will need to explicitly define the namespace through an annotation. The solution would be:

      1. To change the current behavior. This is easy, I did it by just adding a line of code in org.jboss.metadata.builder.jaxws.JAXWSMetaDataBuilder. However, I can't be sure this will not break some use cases I don't see at the moment.
      2. Start using the namespace in @XmlType which is totally ignored currently. This would be again one or two lines of code in the same place.

      I can submit the code I changed to the email of the person that can take care of the problem if you think I'm right.