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    jUDDI tables dropped at server shutdown

    Thomas Diesler Master


      Kurt Stam [12/Nov/07 08:54 AM]
      what do you think is causing the tables to be dropped? I have never seen this. How do I reproduce it? We have no code that does that, apart from code in the unittests that is.

      Kevin Conner [12/Nov/07 11:14 AM]
      This seems to be an issue with the SOA platform, there is a jUDDI configuration in juddi-service.sar. This configuration sets DropOnStop as true.

      I don't think this is one for us. :)

      Kevin Conner [12/Nov/07 11:17 AM]
      Kurt, can you take a look at the SOA platform and advise Trevor on this? Is it safe for him just to remove this sar file?

      Kurt Stam [12/Nov/07 11:30 AM]
      Yes it should be removed. The juddi that comes with AS is much older then the one we use in ESB.

      Mark Little [12/Nov/07 11:33 AM]
      JBossWS uses jUDDI, so I assume it's coming from there. Someone needs to talk to Thomas Diesler first.

      Kurt Stam [12/Nov/07 11:36 AM]
      I guess we (ESB) should deploy the juddi.war by default, so we bring up the juddi WSs and then run whatever tests JBossAS has for this to make sure it all still works.