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    Integrating ws spi into jboss-javaee

    Scott Stark Master

      The jboss-jaxws.jar spis are missing from the current jboss-javaee.jar assembly artifact, and the stax api in the https://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbossas/projects/javaee/trunk/jboss-jaxs-api/ project are not what is being used by the webservice project. We need to get the correct javaee 5 artifacts into maven so they can be incorporated into the jboss-javaee.jar assembly. Where should this be coming from?

      I guess I'll put out a 2.0.1.GA version of jboss-jaxws.jar to the maven2 repo, and take this from the jboss/jbossws/2.0.1.GA repo contents so I can finish up the annotation to metadata work in the metadata project.