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    WS-RM client examples

    Richard Opalka Master

      Hi Team/Community,

      there are WS-RM client examples in the form of tests in the stack/native/trunk SVN repository. There are covered four main usecases now:
      * One-Way Anonymous Client
      * One-Way Addressable Client
      * Request-Response Anonymous Client
      * Request-Response Addressable Client

      Classes ready for review are:

      * RMAbstractOneWayTest
      * RMAnonymousOneWayTestCase
      * RMAddressableOneWay TestCase
      * RMAbstractReqResTest
      * RMAnonymousReqResTestCase
      * RMAddressableReqResTestCase

      WS-RM public API is in org.jboss.ws.extensions.wsrm.api.*. This is the only API, that will be used from client code.

      Your opinion about this API is important for our team. Please post your comments about what you (dis)like on these examples. Tips for API improvements are welcomed as well:)