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    JBAS-3812, ws deployers modify JBossWebMetaData

    Scott Stark Master

      We are still doing some hacky integration between the ws deployers and the war deployer. The WebMetaData/JBossWebMetaData processing should be sufficiently authoritative at this point that we don't need to write out a modified web.xml. I'm not sure this is still being used in org.jboss.web.deployers.AbstractWarDeployment:

       // Get the war URL
       // FIXME: JBAS-3812 - TomcatDeployment should use modified WebMetaData
       URL warURL = unit.getAttachment("org.jboss.web.expandedWarURL", URL.class);
       if( warURL == null )
       warURL = unit.getAttachment("jbossws.expanded.war.url", URL.class);
       if (warURL == null)
       warURL = unit.getRoot().toURL();

      The tomcat layer is being driven by the WebMetaData/JBossWebMetaData now, so any modification by the ws deployers should be done as input into a deployer like MergedJBossMetaDataDeployer does for the ejb metadata. I'd like to get this cleaned up for jbossas 5.0.0.CR1 when the war deployer is cleaned up.