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    JBWS-1316 - Add support for a configurable time tolerance va

    Darran Lofthouse Master

      I am ready to commit changes for the following Jira issue to trunk, before I do I just quickly wanted to raise the configuration approach here before I add it to the user guide.


      The changes are in the following branch in SVN: -


      The relevant commits are: -


      This change adds the following element to the global configuration area of the jboss-wsse configuration: -

      <timestamp-verification createdTolerance="5"
       warnExpires="false" />

      This allows for a tolerance to be set individually for the comparison of the created and expires value, the tolerance is in seconds in line with other time values in the configuration.

      The warn attributes allow for a warning to be logged if a message is accepted that would not normally be accepted without the tolerance.

      If this configuration is not provided then the default is the old behaviour of only using the time the message is received in the comparisons.