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    Where to create your tests

    Thomas Diesler Master


      on our road to pluggable WS stacks we migrated most jaxws tests over to framework (i.e. our common jaxws testsuite)


      When you create a new test, please first decide whether the test addresses

      #1 a general jaxws issues that should apply to all stacks
      #2 a issue that is specific to the native code base

      Stuff we know it will not work across stacks but should, should still go to framework.

      In that way we have excludes for all stacks the do not support a certain functionality. The excludes in turn will then make it into our release notes and errata

      Bottom Line: jaxws tests added to native should be rare

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          Richard Opalka Master

          This is probably addressing my current work.
          I'm creating WS-RM tutorial for each stack at the moment.
          WS-RM is different for each stack, so I decided to put wsrm
          samples to stack code base instead of framework.
          These samples will be part of WSRM tutorial.

          I plan to create cross stack WS-RM test suite too.
          However it will deal with reflections to be executable cross stacks.
          I don't want to deal with reflections in WS-RM tutorial and scare some users ;)