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    Does JBoss handle SOAP request with additional working Threa

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      Dear all,

      I have a SOAP application which call other server's SOAP and do some process. But the response time from another server is about 1-4 seconds.

      I plan to setup JBoss on Q8200(4core Intel CPU) with 4GB RAM server.
      The JVM Heap is about 2G.

      My SOAP application use a Thread.Sleep(1000 until 4000) to simulate the process from another server's response.

      As far as I know, each client request need one "worker thread" to handle the request no matter NIO or not(this is a SOAP request not static file).
      Then the maxthreads is the key on the max. concurrent request my JBoss server can handle.

      Now, I am wondering what is the max. # of the MaxThreads a JBoss application server can handle in my situation.

      I tested on Glassfish Tomcat, it looks like about 500 only. That means the best throughput is at most 500 TPS(beacause each working thread has to wait at least 1 second).
      Can JBoss better than that?

      How is the configuration?