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    advice on building api docs

    mike andrews Newbie

      hi folks,

      i apologize in advance if this is not the right forum, but it was the only forum concerned with 'builds' per se ---

      i can build and run a jboss-3.2 snapshot server fine, by executing 'build.sh', which in turn calls ant. but this target doesn't seem to build any javadoc documentation.

      so when i do 'build.sh docs' which i think is supposed to build the api docs, i get an error caused by the ant variable 'source.java' not being defined. i'm very familiar with ant, but not so much with this 'buildmagic' thing, nor with calling ant via a shell script. plus, the jboss build system is so huge, i feel a bit lost.

      anything i'm doing wrong? or what's the intended way to build the javadocs? any general advice on the build infrastructure would be appreciated too.