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    build problems in jboss-3.2 branch

    Joachim Van der Auwera Expert

      I did a fresh checkout of the jboss-3.2 branch and the build fails.

      It seems that the references in tools/etc/buildmagic/libraries.ent are wrong. For example it looks for the xdoclet-xdoclet directory instead of xdoclet/xdoclet.


        • 1. Re: advice on building api docs
          Joachim Van der Auwera Expert

          right now i'm using the latest anonymous cvs tagged 'Branch_3_2', and i did a 'cvs update -d' this morning...

          on a related note, does jboss group maintain an online javadoc api? i could also use that if the doc build continues to prove troublesome for me. e.g., like sun's http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/api/


          • 2. JBoss 3.2.3 from CVS not compiling
            Scott Stark Master

            Build failed after checking out the tag JBoss_3_2_3 from the jboss-3.2 module. Compilation errors start with the following:

            [mkdir] Created dir: D:\dev\jboss\src\jboss-3.2\jmx\output\gen-src

            [mkdir] Created dir: D:\dev\jboss\src\jboss-3.2\jmx\output\classes
            [javac] Compiling 604 source files to D:\dev\jboss\src\jboss-3.2\jmx\output\classes
            D:\dev\jboss\src\jboss-3.2\jmx\src\main\org\jboss\mx\server\AbstractMBeanInvoker.java:53: interface expected here
            implements MBeanInvoker
            D:\dev\jboss\src\jboss-3.2\jmx\src\main\org\jboss\mx\loading\HeirarchicalLoaderRepository2.java:31: warning: org.jboss.mx.loading.UnifiedLoaderReposit
            ory2 in org.jboss.mx.loading has been deprecated
            public class HeirarchicalLoaderRepository2 extends UnifiedLoaderRepository2
            D:\dev\jboss\src\jboss-3.2\jmx\src\main\javax\management\loading\PrivateMLet.java:27: cannot resolve symbol
            symbol : constructor MLet (java.net.URL[],boolean)
            location: class javax.management.loading.MLet
            super(urls, delegateToCLR);
            D:\dev\jboss\src\jboss-3.2\jmx\src\main\javax\management\loading\PrivateMLet.java:32: cannot resolve symbol
            symbol : constructor MLet (java.net.URL[],java.lang.ClassLoader,boolean)
            location: class javax.management.loading.MLet
            super(urls, parent, delegateToCLR);

            The contents of the JBoss_3_2_3 checkout and the source tar.gz release differ quite a lot. Among other things the AbstractMBeanInvoker (first compile error above) doesn't even exist in the source package.