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    jboss-head cannot compile without the missing third-party li

    Xinghai Chen Newbie

      I just checked out jboss-head from the trunk; it does not build; and I had to add these libraries to the thirdparty directory to make everything compile.


      The qdox.jar is qdox-1.4.jar, and in the case of bouncycastle's encryption library, I also changed the corresonding entry in the libraries.ent file.

      There are additional steps.

      The tools/lib/optional.jar needs to be removed to stop ant from complaining about version incompatibility between core and optional.

      In the remoting module, the build.xml needs to be modified to include apache.axis.classpath, and in the SOAPServerInvoker class, the compiler couldn't find SOAPBodyElementImpl, so I changed the references to SOAPBodyElement.

      Is this what everyone is doing to get JBoss 4.0 compiled? Or are the required libraries checked into some place else?