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    need empty project

    mazz Master

      Do we have an example, empty project that one can use to start a new project? Something that includes a set of template build scripts and an empty project file structure that you can use as a starting point for a new project.

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          ryan.campbell Expert

          We don't have an empty project, but we have several populated ones. Do an ls */jbossbuild.xml in jboss-head to see several examples. At this point, the kernel module is probably the best example of what your directory structure and jbossbuild.xml should look like.

          I'll take a crack at a canonical component source structure:

          <component/module root>
          build.xml (component definition)
          .classpath, .project
           bin (*.sh, *.bat)
           etc (default.mf)
           test (unit tests)
           properties (*.properties in org/jboss/**)