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    build.xml deprecated?

    mazz Master

      I'm looking at the new build system stuff and have a question.

      Looking at the "microkernel" module as the example, I see there is a build.xml in addition to the jbossbuild.xml.

      It looks like the build.xml still uses build magic. I assume it is there so you can build this module using the old build system right? I figure "build.xml" is going to be deprecated since it really isn't going to be used when building using the new way.

      jbossbuild.xml - that's the main build file I really need to look at when I want to see what's going on right?

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          Yes, we have parallel builds until jbossbuild reliably builds the entire project. Once we do, jbossbuild.xml will become build.xml and we will be back to one build file.

          To see what's going on:

          1. look at jbossbuild.xml
          2. type ant -f jbossbuild.xml -projecthelp to see all the generated targets.
          3. type ant -f jbossbuild.xml show -Dshow=targetname to see how jbossbuild will implement that target.