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    Standalone JBossCache module


      I am going to convert JBossCache from a source build to a binary depedency in jboss-4.0 using the old build. I'm looking for any missing steps and guidance on when this should be done with regards to the 4.0.2 release. I know how to add to thirdparty, but I want to make sure I understand the impact of moving an artifact from cache/output to thirdparty.

      Steps required:

      - import the jboss-cache.jar into /thirdparty/jboss/cache
      - add the definitions to CVSROOT/modules
      - and thidparty/licesnses
      - remove jboss.cache.lib from modules.ent and add it to libraries.ent
      - modify build/build.xml to reflect new location of jboss-cache.jar
      - run the testsuite

      With regards to the timing, is this a prerequisite to the 4.0.2 release? If not, can we do this after 4.0.2 Final is released?