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    JBoss Thirdparty Build Port to 3.2 Branch


      The next workitem in my queue is porting the thirdparty/repository work to the 3.2 branch. Unless there are objections or changes in plan, I will begin work on this.


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          The 3.2 branch of jboss is now building against the dependencies contained in the repository (http://repository.jboss.com).

          I have updated the wiki to include 3.2 information, the wiki is located at: http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBossBuild

          Full information regarding the repository and how to use it is located on the wiki.

          The migration instructions are below but please note:

          * A new alias is used for checking out ?jboss-3.2.x?
          * the hibernate module was renamed to hibernate-int
          * Checkout to a clean directory is required!

          Migration Instructions - 3.2 Branch
          To pick up the changes you will need to check out the 3.2 branch to a clean location. A clean location is REQUIRED! Perform a full checkout to an empty directory.

          mkdir test
          cd test
          cvs co -r Branch_3_2 jboss-3.2.x
          cd jboss-3.2
          cd build