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    Module naming


      Ryan brought up a good point this morning.

      The way we have been doing the renaming of modules (such as hibernate to hibernate-int) can cause some problems.

      For instance:

      cvs co -rJBoss_4_0_2 jboss-4.0
      cd jboss-4.0/build

      Will not work as the build files specify the module name "hibernate" and the checkout specifies module "hibernate-int".

      So this means that for the legacy aliases, jboss-4.0 and jboss-3.2, they need to be changed back to what they were (remove the -int).


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          Scott Stark Master

          Yes, if there is a change to a module alias referred to by the legacy jboss-4.0 and jboss-3.2 alias, another legacy alias must be introduced to preserve the behavior of the tagged builds. Anything there is a change to the modules file we should validate that legacy tagged builds such as JBoss_4_0_1 continue to build on a checkout.