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    Starting a JEMS installer project

    Scott Stark Master

      So JBossAS has an installer, JBMS has an installer and we certainly need a JEMS installer to allow for more comprehensive merging of the various JEMS technolgies into a single configurable installation.

      I'm thinking we need a seperate installer project that is nothing more than the izpack install script, user panels, lang packs, templates etc. for each jems component. The overall build just composes the installer based on the binaries either from the repository or a local thirdparty representation. It should actually work such that I can continue to build the jbossas/jbms/jems(n) individual installers as well as an uber JEMS installer.

      A few things to get this is a position to use are:

      1. Synch up the jboss changes to izpack with the izpack project. The main thing left is to internationalize the panel groups and install groups notion that I added.

      2. I'm still not happy with how velocity interacts with contexts it should not. See my other post about the hacking I have done and the existing problems with it:

      There are many other features needed for a proper JEMS installer such as a good download from the web function, ability to rerun and pickup component updates, conditional packs, mutually exclusives packs, etc.