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    Maven 2.0 - further evaluation and roadmap


      Scott, Ryan and myself spoke late last week regarding the current state of JBossBuild as well as the pros and cons of using Maven2. While we have an idea of the high level capabilities and cons of Maven2, more concrete details are needed.

      To further the investigation I have setup an additional roadmap which can be seen here:


      Essentially this road map is broken into 4 pieces, each of which should give us further technical insight into the viability of using maven.

      1) Build of a single module (common)
      Goals: Explore how maven works with both a single source tree and maven style file structure

      2) Build of and deployment of the minimal server
      Goals: Explore how maven works in building multiple projects and how the deployment process takes place

      3) Build of the all server using only a 1.4 compiler
      Goals: Explore how maven handles various necessary tasks (e.g. code generation, building of JBoss SAR artifacts...)

      4) Build of the all server using 1.4 or 1.5 compiler
      Goals: Examine how maven can conditionally build and deploy artifacts

      With each item on this roadmap I am specifically interested in sharing what works well, not all, or any kludges that are necessary to achieve a build.