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    Lifecycle overview


      I'll break this out into a new thread to discuss overall lifecycle issues.

      We need to be clear about what "supports" means. tobrien said eclipse supports the nested structure in this thread:

      The notion of supports to me is does the maven plugin have the ability to generate the correct ide project. Supports is also a question of what do the maven plugins/ide tools for svn/cvs work best with. I'm inclined to believe that the entire logging project will be versioned/relased together rather than having implementations roll out independently. Maybe not though.

      This is why I'm looking for a lifecycle overview of how we are going to use all of the tools as it needs to flow from initial development through to end of life service pack maintence.

      1) His process (I'm speculating) is to check out a nested project structure to his local file system (command line). He then builds it (from command line), then generates his classpath and project information. Then (manually?) imports each level of the project as a top level project into eclipse. That method works, but I think it's painful if you have many projects or levels.

      2) Ideally, our users would go to eclipse, import a psf file and each project would then be checked out. (Just as they do now). They do an initial build then refresh their workspace and they are ready to go.

      I don't see a way to do (2) AND have fine grained control of nested projects using nested structures. Even if the psf file checked out each level of the project independantly as a top level structure, I think you would have problems building as the whole structure is now flattened.