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    how to include remoting war distribution


      This post is in reference to http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBREM-407.

      JBossRemoting has a servlet based invoker which will receive http request from a servlet running within a web container and then forward that request onto the remoting invoker. To use this servlet based transport with remoting, requires that the servlet-invoker.war is deployed. Currently the servlet-invoker.war is just a build artifact of the remoting distribution build.

      One question is how should servlet-invoker.war included with JBossAS distribution (if at all)? One solution would be to include in the all configuration (since put pretty much everything and the kitchen sink there now).

      The other question (assuming do include in the JBossAS distribution), is how to version servlet-invoker.war? The jboss-remoting.jar is versioned and downloaded for the JBossAS distribution using the jboss repository. However, can the same thing be donw for a war file? Is this even appropriate?