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    More on j2ee1.4/javaee5 preview imact on the build

    Scott Stark Master

      An issue out of the blue about a dependency on the cvs build that has not been discussed previously:

      The jboss-4.0.x build is for the j2ee1.4 certified release. Its being used as the core of preview javaee 5 techs only via the installer, and the build has been recently refactored to avoid java5/javaee5 dependencies leaking into the main dist.

      We cannot have teams depending on build artifacts for javaee5 components being in the default jboss-4.0.x dist. The jbossws.sar is not a j2ee1.4 compatible stack by definition since it relies on java5 both for compilation and runtime. The jbossretor translated jbossws14.sar and associated jars is the only thing that will be included in the jboss-4.0.x dists.

      If you need a jboss-4.0.x based javaee5 preview, you need to be depending on the jems installer project to provide that dist profile. The jems installer is being transitioned out of the jbossas tree to simply this. Today you have to depend on the jboss-4.0.x-ejb3 java5/javaee5 build that is used to build the technology previews.