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    Subversion Migration Plan

    Ruel Loehr Novice

      Recap of phone conference discussing subversion migration plan.

      * 2 boxes will be required, one for anonsvn one for committer
      * Backwards compatibility with legacy version and way to translate cvs aliases file into svn structure
      * History of files is an absolute requirement
      * Importing from CVS does not give you the ideal directory structrure due to the use of the aliases file. Will need a way to correct the directory structure.

      Tasks & Prototypes:
      * Write script to transform dir structure of historical Branches
      * Document Process to create a service patch with SVN
      * Investigate and document usage of file comparison within eclipse and intellij upon a svn transformed file structure
      * Document Vendor Branch Policy (e.g. commons-logging)
      * Document Project Extraction Processes (e.g. promoting a project from jbossas to it's own repository)