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    Enabling Cross Version Testing in JBossAS


      We need to test various components inside of legacy releases of JBossAS, like JBossCache, JBossWS, etc. Right now, this involves either modifying the build-thirdparty.xml to update the version, or replacing the binaries ?by hand.?

      I?d like to be able to override a version using a property, so that I can do something like this:

      ./build.sh ?propfile myversion.properties most

      where myversion.properties is:


      The solution is to externalize the versions from the current build-thirdparty.xml so that instead of:
       <componentref name="jboss/cache"
       version="" />

      You would have:

       <componentref name="jboss/cache"
       version="${jboss/cache.version}" />

      and a thirdparty-versions.properties which would have a bunch of:


      This is the most natural solution and it would be functionally equivalent to the one we have today.