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    Maven2 repo cleanup of jboss artifacts

    Scott Stark Master

      The maven2 repo under http://repository.jboss.com/maven2/ at lease for the jboss components is garbage due to inconsistent use of groupId/artifactId. For example, here are two jboss-common-core trees:


      two legacy common-core trees:


      Most of this I guess is what Ruel ported from the jbossbuild repo. For the jboss artifacts I believe we should just have a groupId of jboss and an artifactId of the project name. As we mavenize projects we need to be validating that the dependencies to http://repository.jboss.com/maven2/ artifacts are known and valid entities. Right now:

      - jbossxb has invalid dependencies
      - We are missing jbossretro versions of the jboss-common* artifacts
      - jbosssx has questionable jboss artifact dependencies.

      We are brining on a QA person tasked with focusing on the maven2 build issues, so we can port projects and get some consistency in this area.