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    Integrating with the maven repo

    Scott Stark Master

      So as part of doing the jbossxb-1.0.0.CR8 release I dug a bit more into the maven deploy stuff so that I could deploy to the repository.jboss.com/maven2 cvs repository using mvn rather than copying files around. What I ended up doing is adding a local copy to file distributionManagement section withe a cvs-file-repository repository that references the local repository.jboss.com/maven2 cvs checkout:

       <!-- Set maven.cvs.root in your settings.xml -->

      the maven.cvs.root is defined in the local settings.xml under a local-properties profile that is defined as active:


      I still have to checkin the files via cvs. I guess the correct way is to move to using the mvn release:* plugins with full scm integration and a repository accessible via ssh rather than going through cvs.