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    Apache Ant 1.7.0 is out

    Scott Stark Master


      We have the pleasure to announce the release of Apache Ant 1.7.0.

      Ant 1.7 introduces a resource framework. Some of the core ant tasks such as <copy/> are now able to process not only file system resources but also zip entries, tar entries, paths, ... Resource collections group resources, and can be further combined with operators such as union and intersection. This can be extended by custom resources and custom tasks using resources.

      Ant 1.7 starts outsourcing of optional tasks to Antlibs. The .NET antlib replaces the .NET optional tasks which ship in Ant. Support for the version control system Subversion is also provided as an antlib.

      Ant 1.7 fixes also a large number of bugs.

      Ant 1.7 has some initial support for Java6 features.

      The Apache Ant Team