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    JBossAS / Build System - Minutes 21 Jan 2008

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      Today we discussed a couple hitches with the existing build system within the AS, exposing a few cases encountered as a result of bringing EJB3 out of the AS. The consensus, to be executed:

      * Copy of build scripts, configurations, etc from AS "testsuite" module to Maven "org.jboss:jboss-test"

      * Deprecation of these moved components in AS "testsuite", forward development to continue in Maven component

      * No AS component may depend on EJB3. This will allow us to resolve cyclic dependencies.

      * All AS components must have working POM, Maven build, and Hudson runs to publish snapshots at least once weekly; this will allow IT to safely month-old snapshots while ensuring the latest is always in the repo. How does this also ensure the artifact gets placed into thirdparty? Or do we care? Paul?

      * Each project/module is responsible for its own publishing to Maven repo. Note that build itself is implementation-specific to each module (and may be done in Ivy/Ant etc), but the resultant artifact must be published to the Maven repo to be accessible from other projects.