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    Maven Version Ranges - Dependencies

    Adrian Brock Master

      The good news is the version ranges do actually work.

      The problem I described related to JBossAS doesn't exist if you use ranges.
      common-core has 1.0.1 and 1.0.2
      jboss-aop 1.0.1 uses common-core 1.0.1
      microcontainer 1.0.1 uses common-core 1.0.2
      jboss-deployers 1.0.1 uses microcontainer 1.0.1
      jbossas uses jboss-aop 1.0.1 and jboss-deployers 1.0.1

      With only suggestions the older common-core 1.0.1 gets used
      because jboss-aop's dependency is closer to the root of jbossas.

      With the constraints i.e. replace 1.0.2 with


      for the microcontainer then jbossas uses 1.0.2 as required.

      Similarly if jboss-aop specified

      then no valid constraint is available to satisfy both aop and the mc
      Maven fails the build as expected.