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    rich panel

    houman babai Newbie


      I'm new to jsf and rich faces, so far I really like what have seen. I have 2 questions about rich panel:
      1. Currently the content of the rich panel has a margin and I'd like to remove the margin. Can I do this by setting the cellpadding & cellspacing to 0? I tried it but no cigar: <rich:panel style="cellspacing: 0px; cellpadding: 0px; ">...</rich:panel>
      2. I really like the color scheme is there a way I can access the actual color codes so that I could use it for elements that are not being spawned from richfaces?


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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          rich:panel is not a table. So, cellspacing and cellpadding just do not make any sense.

          use bodyClass attribute to define the css rules for body of the panel.

          By default, it has padding(not margin) = 10px

          If you want to remove the padding in all panels on the page, you can just add the following in your css sheet:

          .rich-panel-body {

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            houman babai Newbie

            Thank you!

            I'm not able to find the actual stylesheets that richfaces uses. I think it would real helpful to see them and figure out how the elements are getting styled.

            I did look at the documentation (chapter 6) and that's helpful, but is there anyway, I can get my hands on the actual stylesheets?


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              David Spark Newbie

              I find the easiest way to do this is using the Page Info function in Firefox from which you can see the URL of the Stylesheets used (on the Links tab). Then you can just paste the URLs into a new browser window to see them.

              Another neat tool (for Firefox) is Firebug which allows you to 'inspect' pages which means that hovering over an actual element in the page highlights the associated box and shows you what CSS is being applied to it. Quite useful for working out why the style you think you applied isn't rendered :-)

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                houman babai Newbie

                Thanks very much! I'll try it.