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    Revising parent project but not sub-modules

    Shelly McGowan Apprentice

      RE: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBAS-6282

      A release of jboss-javaee.jar is needed to remove the duplicate servlet APIs. The parent version will change but the sub-module APIs that exist within the aggregate should not as there were no changes to the API and changing the revision would infer there was. Therefore, I created a 5.0.1.GA tag for jboss-javee, updated the parent revision but left the sub-module revisions alone and updated only the parent to the 5.0.1.GA release in the maven repository. Testing the newly pushed version from AS, however, I realized that the sub-modules reference their parent as 5.0.0.GA and follow the dependencies as described from the 5.0.0.GA release. This is OK for most of the sub-modules except for the jboss-jacc-api which had a dependendency on org.jboss.javaee:jboss-servlet-api which was changed to jobss.web:servlet-api. Is there a way to refer to the same sub-module version from a parent project without versioning, i.e., duplicating, the sub-modules?