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    Maven home being overridden in AS?

    jaikiran pai Master

      Looks like the AS builds (Branch_5_x and trunk) use their own Maven home? While building i see this:

       [echo] Maven Home set to /blah/blah/JBoss_Branch_5_x/tools/maven

      On my system, i have configured Maven to use a non-default local repo (so my repo is at /opt/maven/repository instead of the default /home/me/.m2/repository). But now since Maven home is being overridden in the build, the settings.xml of "my" Maven home are ignored and as a result, during the build Maven starts downloading the entire world into the default /home/me/.m2/repository.

      Any specific reason why the Maven is being shipped within AS and Maven home being pointed to that? And how do we take care of this issue? Copy my settings.xml to the local workspace of AS tools/maven?

      On a related note, looking at the settings.xml in the AS/tools/maven/conf folder, i don't see any JBoss specific repositories or other configuration. I wonder how it's able to download the JBoss artifacts.