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    Deploy war working, can't figure out why

    Charles Arcudi Newbie

      Deployed the examples application from the bundled Tomcat (JB 3.0.4 + TC 4.11.2) by creating a WAR file from the subdirectories and placing it in the default/deploy folder and restarting the server.

      Figured this out mostly by taking a conglomeration of suggestions from the forums and following a couple of hunches. Unfortunately, it varies from the recommended deployment by one directory level (since the going wisdom says to create an "examples.war" folder then plop the war into it).

      The mail example works fine when you realize that the javax.mail.session class is tucked away under the the java:/Mail key (JBoss JNDI) rather than the java:comp/env/mail/session key listed in the TC web.xml file.

      Good news, it works. Bad news, I'm two steps in the door and already having to tweak the recommended settings. Can anybody tell me why I am doing the right thing the wrong way and how I can make it do what it's supposed to according to plan?