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    Tomcat hangs on jsp compilation

    Tom Ferdinande Newbie


      We are running jboss-3.0.2_tomcat-4.0.4 on redhat linux 7.0

      When we update frequently visited jsp pages like index.jsp
      while the server is running, Tomcat hangs. We have narrowed down the problem. It seems like there is a concurrency problem during servlet generation and compilation.

      As client requests come in, Tomcat notices that it has to recompile, clears away the old index.java servlet files and starts regenerating the java servlet. In the meantime, other browser requests come in and Tomcat clears away the the java servlet it just had generated for the first incoming request. This keeps on going on as client requests come in, so the .class file is never generated, which causes the server to hang.

      This is very annoying since we can only update our jsp's late at night when there is no traffic.

      Has anybody had the same problems ?
      Are there newer versions of JBoss/Tomcat where this has been fixed?

      Tom Ferdinande
      encima - J2EE solutions