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    Tomcat and Jikes on Windows

    Peter Beck Newbie

      The jasper JspServlet can use Jikes to compile JSP pages.
      It always passes the -encoding parameter to Jikes

      Unfortunately the current version 1.18 for windows doesn't support the encoding parameter.

      So it is impossible to use Jikes with tomcat on windows.
      Wouldn't it be an option to set the encoding per default to ISO-8859-1 and call jikes without the encoding swith??


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          Pascal Paradis-Théberge Newbie

          I've tried posting this question twice to the Tomcat developpers. There's even a bug open. So far nobody has even commented on my suggestion to add a parameter to not pass the encoding to jikes. It seems that none of the developpers of Tomcat are using their container to write web application on windows otherwise the time it takes to recompile would've driven them nuts. Looks like the only option is for somebody to patch it and send the patch to the guys working on Jasper.