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    Tomcat 3.2.12 And Jboss Integration

    anup123 Newbie

      Immunix Linux OS.

      jdk1.3.1_01 is there but not included in the classpath for Tomcat.

      Already have Tomcat 3.2.12 installed. This is using jre1.3 however. Tomcat is integrated to Apache (1.3.12) using mod_jk

      Tried Jboss with integrated tomcat but landed in all sorts of problems despite taking all the care that the ports do not conflict. Got that dreaded 500 error.

      So just downloaded Jboss and now would want to integrate it with Tomcat 3.2.12

      Would need a step by step procedure to do the same.

      Also when started Jboss (with Tomcat Stopped) saw a message :8009 not secure....protect 8009 what does this mean and what is the corrective action.

      Any Help would be God sent....