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    where are jsps in tomcat ofter deployment of ear

    lcekov Newbie

      I am deplying a ear in jboss 3.0 with tomcat bu i can't find where tomact unzips the war file.
      I whant to edit jsp file as they are deployed and tomcat to compile them after every change without redeplyment.
      Is there some option that make it work .
      I tryed Jetty but with same success.
      What must I do. It si very hard to make some design on that pages if you must redeploy every time you have made some little change.

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          kbutler Newbie

          Jetty tells you where it's unpacking the webapp, and it's (on windows) down under /Deployment and Settings//blah blah - look for the Jetty output, it changes every time u re-deploy.

          Tomcat goes under the jboss deployment area - search on localhost if that's your machine name, you'll find it. (It's something crazy like default/tmp/deploy/server/default/deploy/work/.....)

          Anyone figure out how to get the unpackWARs switch working??