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    How to start Tomcat for JBoss 3.0.7/4.1.x?

    howerho Newbie


      Need some help on getting the embeded Tomcat started for Jboss 3.0.7/Tomcat 4.1.24. The startup.bat gives me this error that says:

      Name java: not bound in this context
      org.apache.catalina.mbean.GlobalResourcesLifecycleListener.createMBeans() method

      I've been trying Jboss for almost 2 weeks now and I am able to remotely call EJBs from a separate Tomcat server. But I can even manage to start the Tomcat that came with Jboss :-(

      Thanks in advance for any help. Any good links to Jboss/Tomcat documentation?


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          howerho Newbie

          Ok, I am replying to myself, because I finally figured out what happened...

          Actually, the embedded has been up and running all along as soon as the Jboss is started. The reason I thought it wasn't running was :

          1. I kept on trying to start Tomcat using its /bin/startup.bat

          2. because I followed this article (http://www.10xsoftware.com/guides/tomcat/win2k/win2k_tomcat_jboss.html) to build the .ear file for the webapps/examples that came with the embedded Tomcat, but didn't realize in the /WEB-INF/web.xml I need to comment out the <ejb-ref> and <ejb-local-ref> at the bottom of the file. Those tags are there as examples, if I include them, the deployment will fail.

          That was it! Hope my painful(and stupid) experience will help other newbies like myself.


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            stasky Newbie

            As I am a 99% newbie myself, I have almost the same problems and didn't find the Docs you said, they are not online anymore...
            I'm running JBoss for my deployed beans and need Tomcat for some SOAP Services. Can I somehow do it with the embedded one, or do I have to download a separate one??

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              howerho Newbie

              Though I am not familiar with SOAP, as far as Tomcat is concerned, there is no reason to prevent you from using the embeded Tomcat in Jboss.

              There are plenty of sites online that have the same Jboss sample project, search Google and you'll find documentations that show you how to setup the sample proj.